Best blocklist


Looking for a nice and complete blocklist for torrent sonftware can be a pain, especially if you’re not sure of which one to pick. In fact there are a ton of lists all for different purposes and no one will give you complete bad-peer protection since one will shield your client from spammers, one from the US Government [really?] and no one from all those things combined.

Here my safe list, Only ban bad peer and some copyright ips, other blacklist ban many good ips for seedbox.

The file in this link will be updated

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  • gejipa

    How often is this updated? I haven’t seen any change since the first file.

    • James Smith

      The file I downloaded on 13/2/2016 was last updated on 14/11/2015, and it’s Ver 5

    • Still ver 5 the best list on the net..

    • Ver 6 now live

  • Still ver 5 the best list on the net.

  • Zajacz

    So now version 6 is no more? Clicking the link now downloads version 5 again.

    • V6 live, just now i restore site backup.
      Download the file again.

  • Peter Orlando

    Great job.

  • Marucins

    New version 7?

    • Sure, soon ver 7

    • Can you tell me if ver 7 work fine with you or not?

      • Marucins

        Please link.

        • Just now i update it with same URL

          • Marucins

            Something is wrong. qBittorent IP filter: 0 rules.

            v6- 897508 rules.

          • Thanks, because my compress app bad,
            I restore v6 and later i will try to fix v7 problem.

          • Marucins

            Let me know when you clean up.

          • Marucins

            Some progress?

  • Chaz Cash

    Hi, why doesnt it load into qBittorrent? Help please

    • Edwin Barton

      I had the same problem, for some reason despite the list having a .p2p extension when unzipped, it actually seems to be in the .dat blocklist format internally. Unzipping the file and changing the file extension from .p2p to .dat worked for me to get it to load into qBittorrent.

      • User B

        Unless there’s something wrong with my download of the gzip, there is no .p2p file – it’s a .dat, so IDK how you got it to work? I hit the refresh button and it stated “0 new rules applied”. Tried another filter file and that one works fine. Very strange.

  • Next version 7 will be 2 link compressed and plane.
    Release date tomorrow night.

  • I upload version 7 compressed do you want UN-compressed link ?

    • Rick Franks

      I downloaded from the above link, it shows modified 4-22-2017 (old?), also following lines are improperly formatted either with wrong characters or wrong IPs.
      :: Error in PW: File Line#: 139054, Line Contents: PARTITO DEMOCRATICO-CIRCOLO CIRCOSCRIZIONALE 7-ʺ78.7.160.223-
      :: Error in PW: File Line#: 139055, Line Contents: PARTITO DEMOCRATICO-CIRCOLO CIRCOSCRIZIONALE 7к78.7.160.240-
      :: Error in PW: File Line#: 233390, Line Contents: Ordre des Avocats de Paris – Avocl麱78.255.129.0-
      :: Error in PW: File Line#: 246121, Line Contents: Ulkoasiainministeri򺱹

      • Yes, update in April and test it for few months you can’t edit with windows,
        Just un compress the file if you want or use it compressed.

  • Ramrod Buzzcock

    Thank you for your work. A question to clarify my understanding on how to use your list in Tixati. Would I drop non-matches to the list or would I drop matches? Best, Ramrod

  • User B

    I loaded up your .dat into qBittorrent and hit the refresh button and it stated that 0 new rules were applied. I tried another list and it works fine; What gives? Using Win 7 Pro w/ latest version of qBT as of this posting.

  • User B

    Can’t get qBittorrent to parse the .dat? Win 7 Pro w/ latest version of qBT, as of this posting…

    • qBittorrent need .dat file and the list .p2p,
      Just rename the file from .p2p to .dat

  • noname99zzz

    qBittorrent 4.0.0 shows errors:
    IP filter line 246121 is malformed.
    IP filter line 233390 is malformed.
    IP filter line 139055 is malformed.
    IP filter line 139054 is malformed.

    • Try the new rules in this version.

      • noname99zzz

        No more errors with list v8.


        • No problem, I remove all bad line and many ips no need to block them.