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Securing tmp


Easy and safe, tested 100%

Step 1: Securing /tmp
Step 1.1: Backup your fstab file
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How to block ads in hosts

Easy to block ads in Windows/Linux/MAC just edit host file to block ads and file locate in
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how to install EPEL repository


  • Download the latest epel-release rpm from Read more
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Failed to set locale, defaulting to C

Easy how to fix Failed to set locale, defaulting to C
when you run yum install or yum update
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How to change centos language in ssh

[root@dlp ~]# echo $LANG

# show current system language

de_DE.UTF-8 Read more

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CentOS servers an update for the nss-softokn package

For CentOS servers an update for the nss-softokn package was release today – nss-softokn-3.14.3-19
However, nss-softokn-3.14.3-19 needs nss-softokn-freebl-3.14.3-19 to operate properly, and vice versa, but those packages do not have checks in place to make sure that a matching version of the other package are also installed.

Thus if you yum update only installed one of the packages you will end up with a broken YUM and RPM.

You might see error messages like these when trying to run YUM and RPM commands:

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Best blocklist


Looking for a nice and complete blocklist for torrent sonftware can be a pain, especially if you’re not sure of which one to pick. In fact there are a ton of lists all for different purposes and no one will give you complete bad-peer protection since one will shield your client from spammers, one from the US Government [really?] and no one from all those things combined.
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Clean up old kernels

This is quick guide howto delete/remove/clean old kernels on Fedora, CentOS, Red Hat (RHEL). I use here two kernel as example, if you want to keep other more or less, then adjust amount of installed kernels as you wish. Normally reason why you maybe want remove kernels is limited disk space, example on VPS servers and laptop. This is very easy task, you need yum-utils package.
Check Installed Kernels
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TinyProxy Web Proxy

TinyProxy is a light and very fast proxy. It doesn’t do cache as Squid, but consumes only 2MB of memory: perfect for small local networks.


yum install tinyproxy

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