Windows Defender Antivirus cloud delivered protection

Cloud-delivered protection

Scenario description
Cloud-delivered protection for Windows Defender Antivirus, also referred to as Microsoft Advanced Protection Service (MAPS), provides you with strong, fast protection in addition to our standard real-time protection.

Scenario requirements and setup


  1. Here to download the test file
    Important: The test file is not malicious, it is just a harmless file simulating a virus
  2. If successful you should see that “Windows Defender Antivirus” found a virus and deleted it
  3. If the file executes, or if you see it blocked by Windows Defender SmartScreen it means that cloud-delivered protection is not working and you should go to configure and validate network connections for Windows Defender Antivirus to learn more
    Successfully blocked
    Contained a virus and was deleted
    Failed to block (but stopped by Windows Defender SmartScreen)
    is not commonly downloaded and could harm your computer
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