DNS enables your devices to connect to the internet as we currently know it, translating the human-readable domain name to a machine-readable IP address.

However, what happens if your resolver is either insecure and/or untrustworthy? Many, if not all, the Internet Service Providers’ (ISPs) resolvers are unencrypted and privacy-unfriendly, passing queries in plaintext or logging information associated with your devices’ queries.

Using a DNS with domain filtering capability is also a great way to enjoy adblocking on your device(s) or on your network. While some people will agree ads are annoying, unsightly, and otherwise a waste of time, targeted ads pose both privacy and security risks to end users.

DNS resolvers can block ads, trackers, and malicious domains and more.

DNS powered by Quad9 for privacy and security.

DNS-over-HTTPS https://dns.wael.name:4433/dns-query


DNSSEC: validating

Filter: Ad blocking,,,etc

Privacy: no logging

Limits: 100 queries per 10 seconds

Query log: off

Other DNS:-